Being a trading supplier of coffee since 1998 until now.
The Best Quality
Export the highest quality products to around the world.
Organic Comodity
Quality certified organic products by international certification.
Fair Trade
Consistent supply of fair trade products comodity.
Special Coffee Starts from The Farm

We are very focused on maintaining the quality of coffee varieties. From coffee seeds to coffee beans ready to pick must be handled correctly.

We work towards sustainable development and strive to produce specialty coffee.

Partnership & Social Responsibility

We serve as an environmentally and socially responsible, international business that directly support sustainable agriculture and socio-economic development.

Committed to sourcing sustainably grown coffees and always partnering closely and working with the farmers who grow it. We know that by working together, cooperatively, they can more readily impact and multiply the positive effects of their selective coffee purchasing.

Tasting & Cupping

As part of the integrity of our commitment to remain consistent in delivering high quality commodities. We cup at origin, pre-ship approval samples and landed samples. Our in-house, Q-graded Quality team based in our brand spanking, state-of-art Quality Lab is dedicated to quality.

The highest quality for customer satisfaction is a boost for us in the world trade competition.

Growing Coffee: Organic vs Non-Organic Farming

Coffee is a major export commodity: it was the top agricultural export for twelve countries.

Now, fair trade and organic coffee are an expanding market.

Video credit : JungleJoelVideos